Wildlife Internship

Wildlife internships abroad provide personal and professional development through hands-on field experience. Sage Education Services Africa (SES AFRICA) offers international wildlife conservation internships that amplify your access to careers in the industry.

Whether or not you desire a long-term career in wildlife conservation, our internships will equip you with practical, unique experiences that will positively impact your future employability.

Our Interns work on a game reserve, researching big cats and mega-fauna; assist organizations to protect the endangered animal; conduct biodiversity research on environmental sustainability or help manage elephants in their natural habitat with the local communities. Apart from these internships we now also have a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel during their spring break; join an alternative spring-break program or join a gap year program abroad and make a real difference in the world.

Join our wildlife internship abroad and gain:

  • Access to a remote, research-based industry and network
  • Knowledge about conservation techniques on enclosed private game reserves
  • Practical field training on reserve management projects and community outreach initiatives
  • Comprehensive staff mentorship and internationally-recognized qualifications
  • Improved ability for animal-tracking, using bush skills and telemetry equipment
  • Experience with conducting biological assessment surveys
  • Real-world experience with conservation practices and surrounding wildlife
  • Enhanced interpersonal and leadership capacities through our Leadership Course
  • The potential for field employment following your internship

Our internship programs are designed just for you to fulfill your abroad internship goals. Our well-trained, dedicated, and professional staff will work side-by-side with you and provide the needed assistance throughout your stay.

Our host family home offers decent accommodation (neatly fitted rooms) with serene environment, local and continental dishes prepared under strict hygienic conditions, scheduled transportation service, 24/7 security and 4G internet access. “Welcome to Africa”