What people say about us.

Sarishka Singh (India)

 Being a medical intern at the Lekma hospital in
Ghana was the best step I took.

I had my reservation about African countries; but upon the start of my medical internship program, I realized it was the best decision I took. I worked with very experienced medical experts, who took time to teach me new things in health service.

I had the opportunity to network with other health interns from different countries, and the knowledge we exchanged was and is still useful to me. I thank Eduvolgh, and would recommend their healthcare internship to my colleagues.

Beverly Obeng (United States)

Great opportunity to work with this organization!

Assisted by their well-trained staff, I was able to achieve my volunteer goals.

Female students empowerment is my passion. I was able to impact in the lives of this young girls. If I get the opportunity, I would volunteer again.

Telisha Longmore (United States)

I would recommend this to everyone who loves female empowerment.

Helping the female students from Harmony school gave me a great joy. The various topics treated was so so interesting, and the seriousness the students showed was awesome. Seeing these girls using the learning materials I gave, was my happiest moment.

I thank Eduvolgh for this wonderful experience.

Leyre Villa (Spain)

Interning with the Ghana veterinary services was the best thing I did in my life.

I enhanced my knowledge in Animal Science. My program supervisor assisted me understand everything I wanted to know. The staff were friendly and always ready to help. I miss working with such a great team.

Thanks to all the staff at Eduvolgh!

Yuenzhou Yang (China)

My human rights internship with the Commission on human rights and administrative  justice was unique.

The cases my team and I worked on had great impact in the lives of people. I learnt new things in international law. Helping people fight for their right, was the best impact I have created in my life.

I thank Eduvolgh for this opportunity.

Michael Smith (Uk)

Our time in Ghana was pretty incredible.

Ghana is such a stunning place, made a million times better by the beautiful people that you meet there. One of the best things my friends and I love about
Ghana was that every morning on our way to work, every person smiles and says "Akwaaba", meaning welcome.  I don't see that type kindness at home very often.

Our experience was made not just by the locals but by the other volunteers we met. `You will meet some of the funniest, nicest and weirdest people from all over the globe, and you may even be lucky enough to call some of them your best friends. With them you can discover the amazing food, culture, night life and many adventures Ghana  has to offer.

And finally, We really missed out time at the water falls and monkey sanctuary.  Ghana holds a very special place in our heart and I will 100% be back one day to see it again, even another group.