Students of Africa

This is a unique students club initiated to help primary, junior and senior high students, and tertiary students achieve their education goals. The club provides several education benefits to our club members.

Students of Africa is designed to provide tailor-made solutions to challenges facing our club members. This initiative provides avenues for students to network positively and cross-fertilize ideas that will enable them achieve greater education heights.

The students of Africa (SOA) initiative also publishes passionate stories of students. The captured stories are that of students who did not or have not given up their education;

irrespective of the challenges or hardship faced. The stories are to motivate, empower, and give hope to other students around in Africa to fight and have the spirit of perseverance, to enable them to successfully complete their education.

We provide unique solutions for every member, therefore each member gets the exact support needed.
Our members gets benefits such as,

● Career guidance
● Counseling
● Education Tours
● Mentoring
● Student networking platforms
● Entrepreneurship training
● Leadership training
● Scholarships
● Learning materials
● Access to Student

Empowerment Seminars.
We nurture students for lifelong education success! That is why we say “Unique learning experience”