Fashion Designing Internship

There is no better way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry than through a hands-on abroad internship with a fashion designer. At Sage Education Services Africa (SES AFRICA), our fashion design programs include everything from design, manufacturing, quality control of merchandise, and many other roles. As a fashion intern, you will learn all about sketching, sewing,
draping, tagging, pattern making, color, and other aspects that go into designing high-end clothing.

Our Fashion internships are located in some of the fashion capitals of Africa, including Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and many others. Look at our opportunities to find exactly what you’re looking for in your internship abroad. Our fashion designing internship program grooms you to become a celebrated fashion icon and allows you to connect with your peers and people in the fashion
fraternity . You get the opportunity to work with Africa’s fashion icons.

Our host family home offers decent accommodation (neatly fitted rooms) with serene environment, local and continental dishes prepared under strict hygienic conditions, scheduled transportation service, 24/7 security and 4G internet access. “Welcome to Africa